A non-traditional Ashtanga Yoga workshop
Of Cross-Discipline Inquiry into Movement Facilitation
(inclusive of Pranayama and Chant)
“Things I’ve been working on….”

With David Roche, Certified, 
Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute
Mysore, India

DAVID ROCHE, B.A., M.Sc. - American-Australian, student, teacher, father, grandfather, administrator, dancer, choreographer, yogin.  Formerly Associate Professor of Dance, Florida State University: Director/Senior Lecturer of Dance, Adelaide University, Adelaide, South Australia; Certified (2001) teacher, Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute, Mysore India.

Are you a long-time practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga who has seemingly reached a plateau with your practice and no longer feel joy when you step on your mat in the morning?

Having learned the basics of Ashtanga Yoga through classes and workshops with a variety of famous-name teachers, do you remain mystified as to how all the element of posture, breath, and chant fit and work together as a whole?

Do you have a recurring injury or imbalance within your body that seems to be made worse by the practice but you are inclined to just stick it out and hope that “all is coming” eventually, if you do what you are told?

When your eyes first open in the morning and your mind flashes to the day ahead, is your first inclination to quarrel with yourself as to whether or not to get out of bed and go to the shala today?

At the age of seventy-five and a life-long practitioner/student and teacher of modern dance and yoga I have repeatedly faced and challenged all of these questions about MY practice within the parameters of THE practice.  By sticking with one essential practice (Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) yet augmenting this practice with the study of various other psycho-physical disciplines I have sought to find satisfying, enriching solutions.  I embrace the privilege of CHOICE in my life and in this work.  THIS IS WHAT I TEACH.  If you, too, are searching for answers to some or all of these questions I would be happy to work with you in this workshop.

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